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Why Virtually Web

There are plenty of digital agencies that offer a similar service to the one we provide here at Virtually Web. We know that. But what makes us different?

Well, take a background in sound engineering (we’re talking everything from Queen to Robbie Williams – to the film score for Moulin Rouge). Then add a stint as an Apple Creative with all that customer service focus. Now throw in half a decade as a digital production manager and all of a sudden, I’m here. The best part of 20 years later, working with people in both the technology and creative industries to offer a full range of digital marketing services and support.


What we offer

Digital marketing isn’t rocket science. But it is fast-moving, challenging and fun. We’ve spent years learning the basics – and now we spend hours each week learning about emerging trends and tactics, so we can help you stay ahead.

We work with:

  • Business owners
  • Marketing agencies
  • PR agencies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-up companies

Looking to build your first website? Get in touch. Want to create something online that’s tailored especially to your business? We’d love to hear more. Want to create something online that’s tailored especially to your business? Drop us a line.

We offer:

  • Website design, development, and production
  • On and Offsite SEO and digital marketing
  • Digital project management
  • Website support

Our customers are based all over the world, from South Shields to Singapore… Because the internet.

How we work

First things first. When you contact us we solemnly promise not to blind you with three things – smoke, mirrors, and bullshit. Otherwise known as ‘technical jargon’ and ‘marketing speak’. We’re here to make your life easy, not to make ourselves feel clever.

We also like to work happy.

We know that the more open we are with you, the more we can help you to find a balance between the support we offer, and the ‘bits’ you can do yourself. Which means you feel more in control, and together we can drive your business’s growth.

Yes, we do offer a support and maintenance service (we can talk about that later), but we also work to help you understand what you need to do to stay up-to-date and to stay ahead of your competition.

So, whether you’re new to digital and feeling overwhelmed by the opportunities it presents. Or you’re managing an established presence and need fast, reliable, tech-savvy support to build on what you’ve already got. Let’s talk.”


Some of our work

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